China has had a telescope on the moon for the past two years

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POINT a telescope at the moon, and you might just spot one looking back. A robotic telescope, the first of its kind, has seemingly been operating flawlessly since it landed in 2013. The 15-centimetre telescope is mounted on China’s Chang’e 3 lander, which touched down on the lunar surface in December 2013. It sees in ultraviolet light, making it well suited for observations that are not possible from Earth. During the telescope’s first 18 months of operation, it observed for 2000 hours, monitored 40 stars and captured a picture of the Pinwheel galaxy ( Astronauts on the Apollo 16 mission had a manually operated UV telescope, but the Chinese telescope is the first to be operated remotely from Earth. That’s a challenge, because the moon is full of charged and abrasive dust that can get into equipment and destroy electronics. Despite this, the telescope has survived much longer than one year,